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   Turn-Key Cold Storage Construction

We provide Turnkey Project construction of Cold Storage facilities operating in temperature ranges from -40C to +20C.

We have cold storage expertise for all major industrial and commercial requirements such as:

  • Food Processing
  • Multi-Purpose Cold Storage
  • Pre-Cooling and Freezing Systems
  • Beverage Industry
  • Slaughterhouses (Meat and Poultry)
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes
  • Logistics industry

Our full range of services including:

  • Detailed Designing
  • Supply and installation of Insulated Panels
  • Supply and installation of Refrigeration system
  • Maintenance of Cold Storage Facilities

With unlimited capacity, modular panels can be linked together in virtually any combination of widths and lengths. Panels of different widths further increase the possibilities. Our cold store can hold controlled temperatures ranging from -40C to +18C depending on the specifications of the client.

The major applications are: 

  • Walk-in Chillers and Freezers
  • Blast Freezers
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Portable Skid Mounted Cold rooms
  • Partition Panels

Walk-in cold rooms are smaller in size compared to the large warehouse cold stores and are used primarily by the retail industry to store goods with fast shelf replenishment rate. Due to the small size of the rooms, the insulated floors are built strong enough only to allow the use of hand carts and not suitable for large power equipments such as forklifts. A few uses of walk-in cold rooms are in the super markets, hotels, restaurants etc.

Unlike walk-in cold rooms warehouse cold stores are very large sized stores used to store goods at very low temperatures for a longer period. These are built with strong reinforced insulated flooring that allows the use of power equipments for loading and unloading goods. In order to achieve working temperature requirements of 15°C to –40°C, these large cold stores are in most cases fitted with more than one refrigeration unit.



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