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Refrigeration System

We supply & install one of the most efficient performance brands of Compressors and Evaporators for you to benefit from years of reliable & cost-effective performance.           

  • Bitzer

  • Copeland

  • Carrier

  • Frigabohn

  • Maneurop

  • Guntner

  • Alpha Laval

  • Basetec

  • MyCom

  • York

  • Grasso




We offer wide range of refrigeration equipments to select for any specific requirement . We supply and install branded refrigeration equipments for freezer and Chiller applications that are chosen for their proven consistency and efficiency based on the client requirements that includes:


  • Condensing Units

  • Evaporators & Air Coolers

  • Mono-Block Units

  • Power Packs

  • Rack System

  • Blast Freezers

  • Ammonia Plants

          The refrigeration systems are designed to offer:

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Reduced Operational Cost

  • Ease of Service and Installation

  • Better Value for  Money



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