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Insulated Truck Bodies


We manufactures insulated panels for vehicle bodies in sizes of up to 7 meters in length and 3 meters in width. The panels are reinforced to give maximum strength and durability. All the corners and edges of the vehicle body are protected using specially extruded aluminum profiles. The insulated body is built to hold temperatures ranging from +15°C to -20°C. 


Rigid Polyurethane insulated panels are used as walls, roof and floor elements which are built to match various types of vehicle chassis.  The monolithic sandwich construction of these elements is a result of injecting rigid polyurethane foam at high density between metal claddings. The panels can be made using the standard plastisol (PVC) coated GI sheets or any other material according to customer choice.


Vehicle bodies to suit pickups, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers (up to 40ft long) are manufactured  which could be supplied to the customer or fitted with the vehicle according to the requirement. Furthermore, the condensing/evaporator unit is positioned in the front wall element by providing a thoroughly reinforced and weather sealed opening as per the specification, ready to fit and secure the unit in place. 

Vans could also be installed with insulated bodies for refrigeration use. 



Movable partition:

We provides specialized partitions which are called movable partitions inside the insulated body. The partition could be moved both horizontally and vertically and can be locked in either direction. This allows for high level of flexibility in designing compartments of any size that could be used for freezers and chillers according to the requirement.


The partitions are built complete with rubber gaskets, thermostat, 12V DC fan, aluminum ventilation grill, rollers, locks etc. A provision for fixing the compartment vertically at three different positions could also be provided according to the customer specification.


Insulated bodies for cargo trucks are fitted with belts inside to hold the goods intact. These are applicable when the truck is half filled with goods and needs to keep then intact from tampering caused by the motion of the vehicle.



Eutectic Plates:


We are one of the very few companies in the region to build refrigerated vehicle bodies using eutectic plates. The eutectic plates are used to maintain a certain temperature inside the insulated body for long periods after the unit is disconnected from the power supply. Eutectic plates are used in applications where temperatures need to be reduced to upto (-30°C).


 Eutectic plates finds its use in ice cream transportation application where very low temperature needs to be maintained in order to preserve the goods intact for immediate use.



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